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Our tasty, healthy recipes inspired by nature are made with simple ingredients making them the ideal choice for every cat.

Our cat foods are all naturally hypoallergenic, ideal for all cats.

With James Wellbeloved, you can be sure of a balanced diet that not only tastes good, but does them a world of good too.

Inspired by nature, our wholesome, tasty recipes will keep your cat full of energy and loving life for years to come. And while you can feel good about giving them nature’s best, they’ll enjoy:
• Feeling fuelled and energised
• A gorgeous, glossy coat
• Healthy, nourished skin
• Support for the immune system
• Settled tummies and firmer poos
• Being at their best by being a healthy weight

We put a lot of love into creating recipes we hope your cat will love. Using only simple ingredients and recipes inspired by nature, our food has everything your cat needs. Best of all, you can be sure they’re enjoying a naturally balanced diet.

But don’t just take our word for it, why not have a look at our lovely reviews and testimonials from many of our feline friends?

Our Cat Products

Exclusion diets don’t work unless you know for certain that you’ve excluded ingredients you want your pet to avoid.

Single source protein recipes are a good way to make sure.

You can be reassured that we don’t use palm oil in any of our products.

James Wellbeloved food is naturally hypoallergenic which is not only great for everyday health and wellbeing but is less likely to cause an adverse food reaction in your cat.

To make our naturally hypoallergenic food, we exclude those ingredients which surveys suggest are more likely to cause food intolerances, such as: wheat, dairy, beef, pork, eggs, soya.

We also only use a single source of animal protein in our recipes, and that includes the gravy and fat, which means in our turkey recipes for example, turkey is the only animal protein you will find.

An exclusion diet is one that excludes certain ingredients that are thought to commonly cause adverse food reactions.

At James Wellbeloved we also exclude every other animal protein except for the one named on the bag and in our recipes the gravy and fat we use come from the same animal too.

Although there is only one animal protein in each of our foods we give you a choice of duck, fish, turkey or lamb so there is sure to be one to suit your pet.

Yes, our naturally inspired pet food recipes have absolutely no wheat, dairy, beef, pork, eggs or soya, the most common causes of food intolerances, and have a single source of animal protein. Our fat and gravy comes from the same animal too.

‘Single source’ protein means that there’s only one animal protein in our dog food or cat food.

If it says turkey, you’ll only ever get turkey and it’s the same for lamb or duck. Even the gravy and fat comes from the same animal.

Unfortunately pet obesity is a growing problem in the UK which is why James Wellbeloved light food is specially formulated if you have an overweight adult cat. It contains around 85% of the calories of standard adult cat food.

Compared to our adult and senior cat foods our light cat food contains higher levels of protein and lower levels of fat to promote weight loss and lots of fibre to keep your cat feeling fuller for longer.

Added taurine supports the heart, while glucosamine and chondroitin support the joints that are under more strain with fat cats.

It’s important to keep your cat’s teeth clean and healthy. The most effective way of reducing plaque and calculus is regularly brushing your cat’s teeth.

However because this is not always possible and can sometimes be distressing for you and your cat, we have created an oral health range.

The larger size of the kibble means the cat’s teeth pierce each biscuit and this helps mimic the action during tooth brushing.

A lot of our cats simply enjoy a grain free diet but, some cats that are sensitive to cereals may need to eat a grain free diet to avoid the unpleasant symptoms of food intolerance.

We have carefully crafted a range of meals that use a single animal protein combined with healthy vegetables. They are also naturally hypoallergenic and wholesome.

We choose the finest quality ingredients inspired by nature with added vitamins and minerals. Each one has its own health benefits, as you’ll discover.

What you won’t see however, is any added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Not now, not ever.

Each of our cat food recipes are appealingly delicious in their own way and we hope your cat will love them all.

Many cats can change their food without experiencing any form of tummy upset however, we would recommend you introduce new foods gradually over 3-5 days.

If your cat suffers from food intolerance it may be best to stick with your cat’s favourite James Wellbeloved recipe!

Our dry cat food is complete and balanced and provides everything your cat needs to thrive. The pouches made with either lamb or turkey and healthy vegetables can be fed either as a tasty topper or as a meal by themselves.

Be sure to check the feeding guidelines and always have fresh drinking water available.

Feeding your cat

Your cat’s digestive system isn’t as quick as yours at adapting when switching diets. So, to avoid them getting an upset tummy we recommend gradually introducing James Wellbeloved or any new food slowly over the course of 5-7 days.

We suggest:
25% new diet with 75% of the previous diet for 2 – 3 days
50% new diet with 50% of the previous diet for 2 – 3 days
75% new diet with 25% of the previous diet for 2 – 3 days
100% new diet

Don’t forget you can still give them our wet cat food as well to add to their enjoyment.

James Wellbeloved food is complete and balanced, containing all the nutrients your pet needs to thrive. It has been carefully prepared and cooked in our own factory and then tested to ensure it is safe for your cat.

Many owners feed table scraps but these shouldn’t exceed 5% of the pet’s daily calorie intake.

No. Our food is 100% complete and balanced, with everything they need. From delicious dry and wet meals to tasty treats we hope they’ll love.

The James Wellbeloved range helps to keep your four legged friends happy, healthy and full of life.

Allergies & Intolerances

Cats can react badly to ingredients in their food, but only some are allergic reactions.

In an allergic reaction the food triggers the body’s immune response system sometimes resulting in symptoms such as itchy skin and upset tummies.

But some cats can have adverse food reactions that are not caused by an immune response, but can also lead to the same symptoms.

If your cat is showing one or all of the following signs and you have ruled out any other possible triggers such as fleas for example, they might be reacting to something in their food.

• Itchy and irritated skin
• An upset tummy
• Behavioural changes
Our naturally hypoallergenic cat food excludes ingredients that are known to cause food intolerance and will help them feel happy, healthy and full of life.

Just like we can be lactose intolerant, so can our cats. After weaning, their ability to digest lactose (the sugar in milk) greatly reduces.

Therefore it is quite possible they are lactose intolerant, particularly if they experience an upset tummy or sickness after drinking milk.

Lifestage & Pregnancy

Growing multiple kittens inside her then producing enough milk to feed them all for 5 to 8 weeks takes an enormous amount of energy. By the last week of pregnancy, she needs up to 1½ times as much energy as before she became pregnant. When her milk production is at its peak in weeks 3 to 4, she needs up to 3 times her normal energy supply. It is simply not possible for her to eat enough food to supply all the energy she needs to produce that milk so, from early in her 9-week pregnancy, she starts to build up extra reserves of body fat which she can then use to top up her energy from food during lactation.

Because of this, she needs to be in peak condition at mating. If she is underweight, the unborn kittens can be smaller and there will be a higher risk of mortality when they are born. If she is overweight, the unborn kittens can be too big which can make for difficult births.

From the first or second week of pregnancy, she needs unrestricted access to a high energy food, and we strongly recommend that she has one of our Kitten foods throughout pregnancy and lactation. Make sure there is always food in her dish and that she can always get to her dish. The Kitten foods are high in energy and formulated to meet all the mother’s mineral and vitamin requirements during this time. They also have the advantage of supplying the kittens with the correct food as they get close to weaning.

When weaning is complete and the kittens are removed, the mother can be encouraged to stop producing milk by fasting her for a day, then gradually building up to her normal allowance over the next few days.

Of course – we believe a naturally healthy diet should start as early as possible.

Our kitten food is nutritionally balanced and is gentle on their developing digestion.

Everything. We want the very best for your kitten.

Kittens grow at 15 times the rate of human babies, so our kitten food has all the protein and nutrients they need. Plus, our hypoallergenic recipes are gentle on their developing digestion.

Your cat should gradually change over to adult food at around 12 months of age.

The best cat food for older cats over 7 years is one that meets their nutritional needs.

Our senior cat food has added glucosamine and chondroitin to support joints and taurine to support their heart. Lower phosphorus levels also help reduce the risk of kidney problems.

Other FAQs

James Wellbeloved doesn’t produce samples but if you need any information about our products please don’t hesitate to contact us.